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Stained Discoloured Teeth

Stained Teeth

Staining can appear on teeth due to problems within a tooth (intrinsic), or on the tooth’s surface (extrinsic).

Intrinsic stains occur beneath the surface of the tooth and occur when stain-causing particles are able to work their way through the outer layer of your tooth and accumulate within the enamel. Intrinsic tooth stains are more difficult to remove then extrinsic stains, but they can be treated.

  • Tobacco (in all its forms, from cigarettes and cigars, right through to chewing tobacco)
  • Disease-childhood illness such as rheumatic fever, measles, chronic ear infections
  • Ageing
  • Genetics
  • Environment
  • Trauma
  • Plaque, Tartar or calculus build up

Generally speaking, stained or yellow teeth are a cosmetic dental problem only. Usually, stained teeth do not lead to more serious or severe health issues (unless, of course, the cause is intrinsic and had damaged other aspects of your teeth as well). So, it should come as no surprise that the reasons to fix your stained teeth are mostly cosmetic too. Fixing your stained teeth will:

  • Improve the overall aesthetics of smile, returning it to its sparkling self.
  • Boost your self confidence, allowing you to smile without embarrassment once more.
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