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Dental veneers are ultra-thin laminates that are placed on the front, visible portions of teeth to conceal any imperfections. This form of dental restoration can help people who are concerned about stained, chipped, uneven, or gapped teeth. Dental veneers are tooth-coloured, thus helping to improve aesthetics while also protecting the weakened tooth structure.

Not only do dental veneers help masterfully mask dental flaws but can be also completely customized to fit your unique needs. This means that the shape, size, colour, and even the texture of your veneers can be altered to perfectly match your natural set of pearly whites.

We offer dental veneers that are fabricated from different materials, namely:

  • Porcelain veneers: Made of high-strength porcelain, these veneers require the contouring of teeth to make them aesthetically superior before gluing them onto the teeth. They are also stain and chip-resistant which makes them an excellent first choice.
  • Resin composite veneers: These dental veneers can be fabricated and fitted in a single sitting. They are sufficiently tooth-coloured, making them brilliant and cost-effective veneer options if you’re looking to upgrading your smile.
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