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Porcelain Crown & Bridge

Porcelain Crown & Bridge Treatment

Porcelain crowns or dental crowns (also referred to as tooth or dental caps) can give you that dazzling smile that you wish for, and it can be easier than you think.

Crowns are made by taking a scan of your tooth or teeth and then customising a porcelain cap and then adhering that cap to your tooth.

Dental crowns are fixed prosthetics that are permanently cemented onto your natural teeth with the purpose of covering a damaged or chipped tooth; that said, crowns also strengthen the tooth, improve the alignment of your mouth, and porcelain crowns can definitely improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth and smile in general.

In the case of a Porcelain Bridge, it is made with a fake tooth in between 2 or more crowns to replace a missing tooth, and to strengthen the teeth either side.

People get a porcelain crown or a dental crown for a variety of reasons, but mainly to fix or cover damaged teeth and to have a better smile.

If your dentist tells you that you need a crown, cap, or dental implants for your teeth, know that you have a variety of different options and it can be a fairly easy process with an experienced dentist.

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