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Examination & Dental Cleans

Examination & Dental Cleans

We recommend 6 monthly check-ups to stay on top of your dental health. Regular check-ups also help to detect diseases, abnormalities and early signs of decay.

In general, a check-up and clean will include:

  • Check-up & Treatment Planning
    To assess the overall health of your mouth and determine if any further work is needed
  • Dental Clean
    Cleaning of the teeth including a scale and polish to help remove stains, built-up plaque and tartar.
  • X-rays
    As standard practice, we usually take decay-view X-rays to check in between the teeth. Depending on your case and whether your dentist already has one on file, they may want to take another x-ray of your mouth. This is so they can get a better look of your teeth, jaw alignment, view decay between teeth and to monitor your teeth over time.
  • Fluoride
    To strengthen the enamel of your teeth, fluoride may be applied to teeth to protect them against tooth decay.
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